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Salads by Me

Whether your culinary skills are natural or you are inspired by our variety, we invite you to design your own uniquely funky, delicious, delightful or unconventional salad to win a chance to feature on SB's menu. Below is a list of Salads that made it to our "Salad By Me" section of the menu.

On the Side with Salads

For our fans who would love to have something on the side to go with thier salads, we prepared a wide array of options to choose from. He is a photo walk through of our hand picked selections.

Salad for Breakfast

As our concept is unique to the region, so is our breakfast selection. It is always a healthy choice when choosing an item from our menu and breakfast is not exception.

The SB Burger Collection

Yes, we do have Burgers in our menu. SaladBoutique is still true to it's unique concept of "Salad as the main course", this is why you will find that all our burgers are served as mini's and that they are considered a side-order!

The SB Package Design

At Salad Boutique, we gave careful throught to the packaging of our Salads, especially for our "Gift-a-Salad" service. Surprise your friends and loved ones with our timeless, mouth-watering salads all put together in our specially designed and packaged in chic plates and wrapping papers.

The Sweet Side

Obviously we can not create everything in our menu from a salad base, but that does not mean we are not trying to. It may take a while for our chefs to create this elusive "salad based" dessert... but until we succeed in doing so, he is what we have to offer.

Party Platters

There are two main types of "Party Type" platters available at SaladBoutique, the Cold and the Hot Platters. They come in two sizes (Medium and Large) and are designed to suit all tastes.

World Wide Breakfasts

We may have taken the concept of Salad for Breakfast a bit too far earlier. It goes without say that we listen to all our fans and the below selection of breakfast platter was specially crafted to satisfy their morning gastronome experience.

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