About Salad Boutique (SB) Group

Salad Boutique is a unique bistro created by three food-loving entrepreneurs, whose aim was to own a place, which would not only be known for its difference, but also for its creative approach to food. SaladBoutique is the result of our bold imagination and our creative concept of food and service.

With SaladBoutique, we bring to you the regions’ first-ever restaurant, specializing in serving salads as a main course, in all flavours and textures. Each of our recipes is prepared distinctively from personal experiences, travels and international world of taste and ingredients. We also take pride in the fact that our restaurant reflects our hospitality, the assurance of quality food, and our love towards our work and our patrons.

The SB Group is dedicated to expand its operations throughout the region, as the concept and popularity of SaladBoutique grows steadily. We started our first outlet in Kuwait in 2009 and by 2010 are set to open our first regional franchises in Jeddah and Bahrain.


We consider SaladBoutique ‘a piece of art’, and art is boundless and universal. Conceived and established in a tiny country, we pursue a dream – to take SaladBoutique beyond the borders of Kuwait and into the global arena.


At SaladBoutique, we love creating food that appeals to all, which is the underlining principle in our mission to:

  • Be keen on maintaining quality of food and service
  • Be passionate about everything—it’s contagious!
  • Be creative and innovative with food that appeals to our patrons
  • Be inspired—to inspire others
  • Be a part of the community
  • Be conscious of health factors while serving luxurious food


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